Flexible Metal Nose Bridge

For Hand-Made Face Masks

Inspired to Help

I have to say the best masks I have made have been with your metal strips. These things are a game changer.

Thanks for joining our efforts. I live in NYC and hear ambulances all day long. We are quilters in our 70’s and I ordered enough for eight of us. You are doing great things!

Your nose pieces are perfect! Just the right weight and so easy to work with! Thanks so much for sending them out so quickly.

About The Strips

We are using the same aluminum used in our high quality roofing systems. The aluminum is approximately 0.020” thick, with a clear coat on one side and a PVDF coat on the other for corrosion resistance. The strip width is 0.25” and the lengths may vary from 3.125” – 3.75”. They have 90-degree corners which, if desired, can be rounded off using scissors or sandpaper. Orders ship within 1-2 business days from Piqua, Ohio.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the world. Thank you for selflessly giving to others. Sew On!

About Us

We are committed to serving the world around us with care and love, focusing on relationships, kindness, and proper education about the metal roofing industry. It is out of this care that we’re seeking to serve in the COVID-19 crisis.

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